LÜCK Holding GmbH

The LÜCK Group, founded in 1965, has operations throughout Germany in the fields of building services, IT services and personnel services, with the focus on building services. In that field, the LÜCK Group is a provider of all-round support, primarily to commercial customers, on issues of electrical engineering, security, IT and communications technology, technical building management, heating and sanitary engineering and renewable energy systems. In the field of personnel services, the Group provides its customers with temporary staff and selects the right applicants to fill permanent positions. Together with the entrepreneurial family, HANNOVER Finanz brought about further growth - including growth from acquisitions. The sale to Spie, a French provider of building management services, complied with the wishes of the entrepreneurial family and enabled them to secure the further growth and thus the future of the company.

Company Facts
Sector: Services
Headquarters: Gießen
In portfolio from: 2012 - 2017

Participating Funds
  • Commerz UBAG
  • WeHaCo
  • HF Fonds VII
  • HF Fonds IX
  • HF Fonds X
  • GBK Beteiligungen AG
Responsible Board Member
LÜCK Holding GmbH
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