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The Raith Group, founded in 1980 and based in Dortmund, is a leading international supplier of systems and equipment for nanofabrication and microfabrication, and especially for electron beam lithography. With a global market share of over 50 percent, the company is the market leader in its segment. The Raith GmbH portfolio includes both dedicated systems for industrial applications and highly flexible solutions for academic research. The complex machines for the production of structures on a scale of only a few nanometres enable businesses and research institutions to manufacture and analyse innovative electronic, optical or magnetic components. Even after the merger with Vistec Gaussian Beam Lithography in 2013, the majority of the 200 strong workforce are still located in Dortmund. Together with branches in Best, the Netherlands, and Braunschweig, there are also subsidiaries in the USA, India, Korea and Hong Kong. These are supplemented by a global network of cooperating sales and service channels. Large and prestigious customers such as IBM and Carl Zeiss draw on the company's extensive expertise. The international customer base also includes various universities and institutes, such as MIT in Boston, USA. The main applications for the products are, for example, the further miniaturization of semiconductor components, new methods for more efficient conversion of solar energy, and data communications. The customers conduct research into various fields of nanotechnology and materials science, or are companies producing specialized microchips (compound semiconductors).

Company Facts
Sector: Plant and machinery
Headquarters: Dortmund
In portfolio from: 2002 - 2016

Participating Funds
  • Commerz UBAG
  • WeHaCo
  • HF Fonds VI
  • HF Fonds VII
  • GBK Beteiligungen AG
Responsible Investment Manager
Raith GmbH
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