Press release: HANNOVER Finanz records robust returns and invests strongly


Private equity investor regards equity capital as a motive force behind the culture of innovation in medium sized businesses - Increase in growth financing - HANNOVER Finanz Group once again invests strongly this year - Investment volume per new associate rises

In 2015, the number of enquiries from medium sized businesses once again remained constant at a high level. Together with corporate succession solutions in family businesses which HANNOVER Finanz supports as a majority or minority shareholder, demand for growth financing above all increased. The HANNOVER Finanz Group, based in Hanover and Vienna, enjoys a high level of acceptance among entrepreneurs and their families in the German-speaking countries, earned on the basis of its investment models tailored to suit the needs of medium sized businesses. Mid-sector entrepreneurs especially value the Group's preparedness to enter into long-term commitments. In contrast to the holding duration of around 5 years which is the average in the private equity sector, the equity capital partner keeps its investments in place for an average of 8 years. This is possible as the Group is backed by institutional investors from the insurance industry who make their funds available for an indeterminate period. The investors, mainly insurance companies and pension funds, benefit from the Group's sustained investment policy and what is now the highest level of dividends for 8 years.

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