Together with official membership in several associations – to which you can find links here – HANNOVER Finanz also maintains networks of its own.

International networking

HANNOVER Finanz is a member of EPEC, the European Private Equity Club, enabling it to offer the companies in which it invests a mutual exchange of experience, opportunities for joint investments and cross-border services.

Membership of associations

HANNOVER Finanz is a member of the most important associations in the private equity industry:

The Bundesverband Deutscher Kapitalbeteiligungsgesellschaften (BVK) is the special interest group for the private equity sector in Germany. It represents around 300 members, 200 of which are private equity and venture capital companies. The aim of the BVK is to create the best possible environment for private equity capital in Germany.

The Austrian Private Equity and Venture Capital Organisation (AVCO) represents the interests of the Austrian private equity companies and corporate finance service providers.

The European Venture Capital Association (EVCA) is the voice of the European private equity sector as a whole.

Investment partner

GBK Beteiligungen AG is a German investment company independent of banks and particular sectors of industry. It has been acquiring holdings in non-quoted medium sized enterprises in the German-speaking area since 1969. GBK became a partner company to the HANNOVER Finanz in 2002, enabling GBK to invest in larger medium sized enterprises in parallel with other investment vehicles managed by HANNOVER Finanz. GBK’s shares are traded on various German stock exchanges under securities number 585090.

In-house networks

Networks of entrepreneurs
Even after successful partnerships have come to a close, HANNOVER Finanz maintains close contact with the owners of companies in which it invested. HANNOVER Finanz also draws on this evolving network to supply members of advisory boards for current participations. HANNOVER Finanz is also pleased to establish contact between interested entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurs in whose companies it has invested or still retains holdings. As part of its public relations work, HANNOVER Finanz maintains contact with various other networks of entrepreneurs and attends their events. In that context, for example, it is a co-organizer of the INTES Entrepreneurial Success Forum, an annual meeting for entrepreneurs and their families in Germany.

INSIGHT consultants’ network
Once each year, HANNOVER Finanz hosts INSIGHT, a network meeting for consultants who are involved in corporate transactions.

Experts’ network
HANNOVER Finanz has been working together with experts from a wide range of industries for almost 40 years now. Entrepreneurs benefit from their proficiency, especially in the form of individually selected advisory boards.