Achieving success together – statements from entrepreneurs

Corporate histories

Biesterfeld AG

Biesterfeld AG, an internationally positioned distributor of chemicals and polymer products has succeeded in thepast ten years in almost doubling its sales and its earnings. Growth is based on sustainable corporate values suchas reliability and continuity as well as on a strategy of long-term orientation. Jointly with HANNOVER Finanzwhich late in 2014 changed its silent partnership into a minority shareholding, the company is shaping the furtherstrategic development.

History of Biesterfeld AG (PDF - 366 KB)

CemeCon AG

Since 1986, CemeCon AG has specialized in the development and production of high performance coatings for metal-cutting tools such as drills and milling cutters. Using the diamond coating technology developed in-house or sputtering, the application of the coating material in gaseous form, the company based in Würselen is able to supply extremely hard and especially smooth and strongly adhering coatings. Well-known companies in the medical technology, aviation and automotive components industries are among its customers. With equity capital, CemeCon is strengthening its financial base and ensuring security in times plagued by financial crisis.

History of CemeCon AG (PDF)

CP Corporate Planning AG

CP Corporate Planning AG, founded in 1989, understood right from the start what SMEs need for theirfinancial planning. The Hamburg-based software company develops solutions for corporate managementwith integrated business management expertise. The development team guarantees its users innovative datamanagement "Made in Germany" and is also appreciated by large corporations today. The company hasimplemented its succession plan with equity capital and is now heralding the next round of growth with anew executive board.

History of Corporate Planning (PDF - 144 KB)

Franz Ziener GmbH & Co. KG Lederhandschuhfabrik

Franz Ziener GmbH & Co. KG Lederhandschuhfabrik, founded in 1946, ranks as the market leader for winter sports gloves in Europe and is one of the largest manufacturers of winter textiles in Germany. With equity capital, the family business is putting its plans for corporate succession and further growth into practice.

History of Franz Ziener GmbH & Co. KG Lederhandschuhfabrik (PDF)

Mackprang Holding GmbH & Co. KG/Schlemmer Group

Mackprang Holding is now concentrating exclusively on the Schlemmer Group. The developer and manufacturer of cable protection systems and connectors for cables is a global supplier to international automotive and industrial groups. Components from the technology business, founded in 1954, can be found in almost all motor vehicles and many machines. The investment capital is helping Schlemmer to preserve its independence and enabling further growth, acquisitions and the development of new markets.

History of Mackprang Holding GmbH & Co. KG/Schlemmer Group (PDF)

Media-Concept Bürobedarf GmbH

Media-Concept GmbH is a leading online retailer of ink, toner, printers and office materials, and now serves over four million customers in Europe through various online shops - in Germany for example under the prindo brand. In future, cloud-based sales will enable direct networking of the prindo site with people and their office machines. Since its foundation in 2002, the online enterprise has grown continuously, and it is using investment capital in corporate succession and to finance further growth.

Corporate history of Media-Concept Bürobedarf GmbH, 2017(PDF - 169 KB)


With an unerring instinct for innovation, the MOESCHTER GROUP with its high performance materials has made a name for itself as a specialist for the development and manufacture of precision components and insulation materials. Since its foundation in 1992, the Group has evolved its client base from the automotive industry and mechanical engineering companies, and now also provides impetus to dental technology and other industries. The Group used investment capital to implement its corporate succession arrangements.

Corporate history of MOESCHTER GROUP GmbH & Co. KG, 2017(PDF - 149 KB)


Founded in 1922 by the brothers Heinrich and Lutz Overlack, OQEMA AG, formerly Overlack AG, is a family business in its third generation. Originally, the chemicals distributor from Mönchengladbach supplied the local textile industry and industrial customers in the region with chemical raw materials. Today, the company has 40 branches in 18 countries. The investment capital is used by the OQEMA Group for acquisitions, securing not only its own sustainable growth, but also its independence.

History of OQEMA AG (PDF - 262 KB)

RUNNERS POINT Warenhandelsgesellschaft mbH

With the takeover of 100 percent of the shares by the listed US company Foot Locker, Inc., RUNNERS POINT found a new home just over one year before its 30th anniversary. Further growth under the umbrella of a larger enterprise was one of the possible targets for the specialist running shoe dealer, founded as part of the then Karstadt Group in 1984. In 2005, Harald Wittig and Otto Hurler took the step into independence and, together with the HANNOVER Finanz Group, acquired the Karstadt subsidiary. After eight years, the two directors look back on a period of successful growth and a good partnership.

History of RUNNERS POINT Warenhandelsgesellschaft mbH (PDF)

Simplon Fahrrad GmbH

The Austrian family business SIMPLON, founded by Josef Hämmerle and his son Kurt in 1961, is now a globalname for high-quality premium bicycles. The Hämmerle family and their employees have not, admittedly, reinventedthe proverbial wheel, but have provided it with a new setting in customizable cycles of aluminium andcarbon. Inspired by competitive cycling, a multitude of innovations are created in the town of Hard near Bregenzon Lake Constance, and have created a cult around the long-established brand. The company is using investmentcapital for its further expansion.

History of Simplon Fahrrad GmbH 2018 (PDF - 232 KB)

ACHAT Hotel- und Immobilienbetriebsgesellschaft mbH

ACHAT Hotel- und Immobilienbetriebsgesellschaft mbH focuses on the development of modern hotel conceptsand a sophisticated brand strategy. Founded in 1991, the company is today a leading operator of so-called valueand budget hotels with a successfully established quartet of brands. The company now owns 33 hotels in Germanyand abroad with a total of 3,300 rooms. The ACHAT hotel group, named after the multi-coloured gemstoneagate, is planning to continue its dynamic, solid growth of almost three decades with equity capital.

History of ACHAT (PDF - 109 KB)