Frank Löffler


Born in 1965, Frank Löffler has been at HANNOVER Finanz since 1999. First as an Investment Manager and has been an authorized officer of the company since 2001. He became a Partner in July 2015. After a commercial training, he studied Business Management and took a teaching qualification (Dipl.-Kfm. and Dipl.-Hdl.).at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main  In 1992 he started his career as a junior auditor at Price Waterhouse. From 1995 to 1998 he headed the guarantees and corporate holdings section at Bürgschaftsbank Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH and Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH in Magdeburg.

Responsible for the following companies
Manufacturer of component cleaning equipment for sterile bottling systems
Medical equipment
Printer cartridges
Work platforms
Industrial furnaces
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Frank Löffler
Contact information
Frank Löffler

Phone: +49 511 28007-23