Balance sheet restructuring / Special situations – A route to new strength

With market changes, structural changes or global economic troubles, even fundamentally sound businesses can fall on difficult times. Every crisis is also an opportunity, and is naturally part of the life cycle of every business. The recent financial crisis, in particular, hit many medium sized companies very hard.

With the aid of a restructuring process, businesses can regain their earnings power and re-embark on their journey towards sustainable corporate development. Even in such difficult situations, a private equity company like HANNOVER Finanz can work on solutions together with the entrepreneur. The equity capital partner is experienced in seeing companies through a restructuring process and is familiar with insolvency plan procedures, negotiations with banks and the optimization of liabilities.

The most important aim of HANNOVER Finanz is to secure the independence of the business. The provision of equity capital is intended to re-establish a sound foundation which will endure in the long term. A stable funding mix and a customized investment model can decisively strengthen the business to face future challenges.

One example of successful balance sheet restructuring with support from HANNOVER Finanz is Teupen Maschinenbau GmbH. CemeCon AG represents a successful optimization of liabilities. With a tailor-made investment model, FAIST ChemTec was able to overcome its special situation.