CP Corporate Planning AG

CP Corporate Planning AG, founded in 1989 and based in Hamburg, is one of the pioneers in the German-speaking Business Intelligence market and today is one of the technology and innovation leaders for software solutions in the area of business control with integrated management know-how. A permanent, experienced team of developers produces software made in Germany for medium-sized enterprises. Close cooperation with experts from the consulting field enables the company to create especially innovative and user-oriented solutions. The software packages from Corporate Planning are designed for business management, have intuitive user interfaces and can be rapidly introduced in businesses. They integrate all standard systems previously in use, can be extended at any time and cover all areas of integrated corporate control. With over 130 employees and a strong partner network, CP supports more than 28,000 users in over 4,000 companies in Germany and abroad. Together with its headquarters in Hamburg, the company maintains further offices in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England and the Netherlands. CP implemented its ownership succession with support from HANNOVER Finanz in 2017.

Company Facts
Sector: Services
Headquarters: Hamburg
In portfolio since: 2017

Participating Funds
  • HANNOVER Finanz GmbH
  • Commerz UBAG
  • WeHaCo
  • HF Fonds VII
  • HF Fonds IX
  • HF Fonds X
Responsible Investment Manager
Responsible Board Member
CP Corporate Planning AG
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