Dirk Rossmann GmbH

The ROSSMANN chain of drugstores founded by Dirk Rossmann in 1972 ranks among Germany's large and rapidly growing retail enterprises, and is also expanding abroad. The company, based in Burgwedel near Hanover, is still owner-managed, with a majority of the shares held by the Rossmann family. Since 2015, the second generation of the Rossmann family has been involved in the management of the business. During the 22 years of partnership with the HANNOVER Finanz Group, the company underwent a phase of dynamic growth.


Company Facts
Sector: B2C
Headquarters: Burgwedel
In portfolio from: 1980 - 2002

Participating Funds
  • HANNOVER Finanz GmbH
  • WeHaCo
Responsible Board Member
Dirk Rossmann GmbH
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